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A proven fighter for better roads and fiscal responsibility

“Good roadways and responsible county spending aren’t too much to ask! They’re what you should expect, and that's exactly what I’ve worked to deliver.”

- Gerald Daugherty


About Gerald Daugherty

Gerald Daugherty has been an Austin businessman and entrepreneur for more than 40 years. He has always been keenly aware of how public policy could have significant effects on your personal and your business life. That's why he views his role in political life as that of being a public servant, not a politician.

Commissioner Daugherty brings his commitment to keeping county taxes as low as possible while understanding the need to deliver cost effective county services. With his passion for transportation advocacy, he has crusaded for effective mobility and transportation solutions for the past two decades. He continues to work to help shape the kind of development in Western Travis County that protects property rights and protects the sensitive environmental assets that this community deserves.

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Travis County - Commissioners Court Meetings

Upcoming Agenda Items: The County Judge's Office maintains the CATAA-lyst (Consider And Take Appropriate Action list), an ongoing draft document of items under consideration by the County Judge for placement on a future Commissioners Court agenda.

Did you catch Commissioners Court on Tuesday? We discussed a variety of issues with a strong focus on how to provide relief for the victims of the October floods. It was item #4 on the agenda for those who are interested.

When it comes to traffic and other issues in this community, too many of the stakeholders are yelling at each other from across the room instead of coming together to do what is best for Travis County families. I do not believe we have to choose between upgrading our road system and protecting our environment. We can do both. - Gerald Daugherty

“It has been a privilege and honor to serve my neighbors as their Commissioner. I’ve done my dead level best to deliver on the promises that I’ve made to them, and I will continue to fight for a comprehensive road system and a fiscally conservative county government that is worthy of the good people of Travis County.” - Gerald Daugherty

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